Steel structures for architecture: innovative, patented and sustainable Light Steel Frame system

Steel structures means creating buildings with the use of a lightweight material that can be adapted to all building forms. Steel’s strength lies in its versatility, which enables the creation of modern architecture with large open spaces and surprising overhangs.

This is why Ottagono’s professionals recommend the most high-performance light steel technology: the Light Steel Frame, whose components are prefabricated and dry-assembled. The result is a clean and fast construction site, respectful of project times and costs.


Light Steel Frame: all the benefits

Sustainable construction

Industrially produced and dry-assembled building components in an efficient, clean, fast and low-impact building site.

Off-site construction

Prefabricated components make it possible to ship pre-assembled elements of the house, stored in containers, ready to be assembled on site, on time and with the specifications set by the project.

Costi bloccati come da ordineCosts locked in as per order

Detailed project management ensures that the costs of all deliveries are managed from the execution phase onwards. Right from the start everything is already evaluated, selected and executed without any surprises.

Reduction of construction days

The engineering and highest accuracy in the production of steel components make assembly quick and easy. The house is ready and habitable by the agreed date.

Labour savings

The lighter, engineered structure allows significant labour savings compared to traditional construction, from foundation work to the entire construction.

100% earthquake-resistant steel structures

Reducing the structural mass results in less seismic force and therefore greater tenant safety.

Increased floor area

The thinner walls and longer spans of the steel beams ensure fewer pillars and an increased floor area compared to conventional constructions.

Optimised consumption

The building envelope features the most effective insulation materials to increase thermal and acoustic performance. The careful design optimises energy consumption down to zero emission (Nzeb).

Increased value over time

Coating the metal profiles with zinc-magnesium gives the structure corrosion resistance and makes the steel immune to adverse effects and deformation over time.

Customer satisfaction

Ottagono’s network of professionals responds to all your needs in order to respect your customer’s wishes and achieve not only maximum performance but also maximum satisfaction.


We support professionals to realise customised architecture according to the most advanced architectural and environmental concepts

Ottagono supports you at every stage of the project to bring your idea to life through one of the most innovative and sustainable construction technologies, the Light Steel Frame. To obtain the best results, the Ottagono network involves the best architects and engineers.


Steel structures integrated with high-performance and sustainable materials

Among steel structures, the Light Steel Frame is the most innovative. It is based on two construction fundamentals: the C-profile used as the basic element of the system and the carefully designed connections between the components.

The construction system consists of the assembly of C-profile steel bars called CFS (Cold Formed Steel), which can be integrated with any type of metalwork to meet the requirements of any architecture. Finally, the envelope is realised through the integration of ad hoc solutions to the structure.

External walls

External cladding can be realised with a large number of finishes. One of the fastest and easiest solutions is the construction package consisting of fibre cement panels, insulating coats and Isopan sandwich panels. The interior cladding is usually made of plasterboard panels.

Partition walls

Interior walls are built using a layering system of suitable and easily buildable materials. The construction package usually includes gypsum plasterboard panels and acoustic insulation where necessary.

Partition floors

Partition floors are differentiated with modular solutions depending on the intended use. Again, the cavity space between the steel profiles can be used for the passage of ceiling systems or to implement structure insulation and combine with sound-insulating material to improve living comfort.


The Light Steel Frame system is designed to meet any requirement: from the classic solution with a pitched roof covered with tiles or pantiles, to the more modern solution with a flat roof and garden terrace. The realisation is made possible through the use of innovative Isopan panel solutions, which guarantee waterproofness and resistance to weathering.


Eco-sustainable architecture through recyclable materials and high energy efficiency

How to build environmentally sustainable houses? Lightweight steel constructions are an excellent modern design choice linked to sustainable architecture and environmental protection. The benefits of steel architecture are countless and constitute a value not only for those who live there but also for the entire ecosystem.

Steel is the most recycled material in the world because it is 100% recoverable. It does not emit gases, is hypoallergenic and is free of resins and other chemicals. Thanks to these qualities, it is one of the most successful choices in sustainable architecture.

The flexibility of the steel structure allows the choice of the best and most suitable insulation materials, which can in turn be recycled at the end of their life cycle. The high thermal efficiency achieved by the construction system guarantees significant energy savings that translate into lower carbon dioxide emissions.

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