The italian farmhouse reinterpreted in a sustainable way

The research for perfect harmony with the context guided the realization of this italian farmhouse, reinterpreted in a sustainable and contemporary way. The project architect was supported by Ottagono in revisiting traditional elements in a green key, through an innovative cold-formed steel structure. This technology allowed to unleash the creativity of the designer, who chose articulated shapes, colors with a strong material imprint and natural materials, which were combined to develop an environment respectful of the archetypal farmhouse, in symbiosis with the surrounding nature. Nature that meets technological solutions such as the bioclimatic greenhouse, able to offer shielding from UVA rays and a thermoregulated environment, both in summer and winter, with the aim of saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.
Ottagono supported the designer in the management of the steel building site and in the choice of the best sustainable materials for the envelope, but also in the furniture supplies, relying directly on the historical interior design brand AD Dal Pozzo, which satisfied the final client with a careful choice of objects and furniture complements. The synergy between the companies and professionals who worked on this project succeeded in bringing out the best of the villa’s peculiarities, which became a representative for spirit of the place.

progetto casale veneto
pianta piano terra casale moderno
pianta piano primo casale moderno

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