Sculptural bioclimatic architecture

A bioclimatic and modern, low-impact architecture, recognizable by the white sculptural envelope that refracts light. An example of integrated and agile design in which architect Giovanni Fattori’s Studio Fattori was supported at every stage of implementation by the know-how of the Octagon platform.
Octagon recommended the highest-performing steel technology: the Light Steel Frame, a system of ultralight metal modules that allows, through the use of the BIM system, the components of the structure to be produced off-site, then assembled on-site with pinpoint accuracy.
Support for the practitioner was agile, characterized by a multidisciplinary and integrated approach, suitable for tailoring buildings according to the most advanced structural and environmental concepts. This is the case with the bioclimatic architecture in question, where the structure and envelope combine to make the building energy self-sufficient. Not to mention aesthetics, which is immediately noticeable in the villa thanks to the elevation sails, up to 5 meters high, suspended and with no point of contact with the lower floor pavement.
The brilliant solution of the sails generates a double skin that controls the microclimate inside the building while providing the highest level of privacy for residents. However, there is no shortage of large windows in strategic locations to enjoy the view and capture solar heat gain.

la villa di ottagono mostra il suo prospetto vetrato
la grande vetrata illumina gli interni della villa di Ottagono
il living della villa di Ottagono è arredato con stile esclusivo
terrazzo della villa con poltrone di cassina
interni cucina dell'architettura bioclimatica
cucina in relazione con il terrazzo
architettura vista dall'alto con pannelli solari
architettura bioclimatica ottagono pianta piano terra
architettura bioclimatica ottagono pianta piano primo

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